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The club was founded in 1970. Presently, the number of members is a bit over 30, with more than half of them actively playing at club evenings. The club meetings offer possibilities for both serious play and socializing with like-minded people. Aside from go-activities the club also occassionaly organizes social events such as a yearly garden party. Because of the range in strength of the members, ranging from beginners to low-dan players, there is always someone of similar strength available to play. A difference in strength can be compensated by giving a handicap; in that case both players have equal probability of winning. Go is the only mind game offering this possibility without significantly altering the character of the game.

Club Meetings

Monday evening: recreation room Jurriaan Pels , Geestakker (see map , see entrance detail)

19:30 - 20:30 free playing / study groups / lecture (see Agenda for scheduled activities)
20:30 - 23:00 ladder competition / beginners' course / free playing
22:45 - 23:00 "eleven o'clock rule": finishing ladder games
23:00 - closing time

Thursday evening: bar The Trafalgar Pub, Dommelstraat 21, Eindhoven. tel. 040-2448820

Free playing from 20:00 until closing time (1:00). Usually a small group of players meets by appointment on this evening. Ask at the club for the mailing list that schedules these appointments.


Ladder competition: On club meetings an internal competition with full handicap is played. There's no obligation to play every week, but you need to schedule in advance if you want to join. Every 6 months there's a prize for the player with the highest rating improvement (nice for beginners!) and for the player with the highest winning percentage.

Open Evening / Beginners' course: Twice a year the club organizes an Open Evening. In the 6 following weeks beginners can follow a course to learn the principles, tactics, and strategies of the game.

Lectures: Several times a year, a stronger player of the club gives a lecture at the start of the evening. This can be a game review, a theoretical problem, or playing strategies. Occassionally someone from outside the club is invited for this; in the recent past we had lectures by Frank Janssen and by Inseong-Hwang.

Tournaments: Practically every month you can join a weekend tournament somewhere in the Netherlands. The Go Club Eindhoven also organizes a yearly tournament, usually early November. This tournament is open to all players from all ages and strengths.

More information

For more information you can always visit us at a club meeting. There is always someone available to explain the game to you, or to play a game.
You can reach us at goclub.eindhoven@gmail.com.

Chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) KvK: 71742409

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